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1.1. These General sales conditions are valid for all services and products provided or produced by company Europan AD
(hereinafter “Seller”). With signing order confirmation/ proforma invoice/ sales contract, the Buyer accepts and irrevocably agrees
with the General sales conditions.
1.2. Product or service, quality, size, length, type and quantity will be specified in the proforma invoice/ sales contract for each
delivery. Products/material will be delivered packed in bundles/coils/pallets.
1.3. Material will be delivered in tolerance of +10%/-10% on the total quantity in proforma invoice/ sales contract unless agreed
1.4. Declaration of conformity will be given for all delivered products/material.

2.1. On each product there is a tag with the following data:
– Producer: Europan AD
– Type, Dimension (No. of pieces and sq. meters), Client, order Nr.

3.1. Price will be agreed between Buyer and Seller for each order and will be indicated on the proforma invoice/ sales contract.
3.2. If not otherwise agreed, the price is Ex works the Seller’s warehouse in Tsaratsovo village, Plovdiv district, Bulgaria.
3.3.Тhe price includes packaging of the products on pallets. The price doesn’t include delivery/transport expenses and montage/
assembling costs.
3.4. The price doesn’t include tolls, transport costs, fees, taxes and other costs that may be imposed to the Buyer due to purchasing
the products/material.
3.5. The price is stated either in EURO or in BGN.

4.1. Buyer and Seller will agree payment term with each individual order. Payment term and payment assurance measures will be
indicated on each individual proforma invoice/ sales contract. In any case payment of 100% of the agreed price must be made
before the products/material leave the Seller’s warehouse.
4.2. Delivered products/material shall be invoiced based on actual weight/dimension.
4.3. Buyer will perform the payment to the Seller’s bank account stated on the invoice.
4.4. If Buyer makes a deposit for an order but fails to complete the payment within 30 calendar days, the Seller has the right to
refuse execution of this order and the right to keep the received deposit payment. The Buyer has no right claim for this payment
4.5. In case of delayed payment or if the Buyer did not clear due invoice(s) from previous deliveries, Seller has the right to cancel
the existing order until the pending amounts of previous orders are fully paid up.
4.6. All charges, taxes, tolls and duties outside Bulgaria are for Buyer’s account.
4.7. If Buyer fails to pay any amount due to the Seller within the due date, the Buyer shall be obliged to pay the Seller a late charge
interest of 12% per annum on the amount not paid in time. The penalty shall be imposed automatically, and the Seller shall issue a
respective invoice.

5.1. The products/material shall be delivered by Seller Ex works the Seller’s warehouse in Tsaratsovo village, Plovdiv district,
Bulgaria, according to Incoterms 2020 issued by ICC. Delivery period will be indicated for each individual order.
5.2. Prior delivery and/or partial shipment of the products/material shall be permissible unless agreed otherwise in proforma
invoice/ sales contract.
5.3. The products/material will be delivered by signing a hand-over protocol between the parties in the Seller’s warehouse. The risk
of accidental loss or damage passes to the Buyer by signing the hand-over protocol.
5.4. By signing the protocol, the Buyer declares and accepts that the products/material are handed with no defects or lacks, in
ready for transport condition.
5.4. If Buyer fails to accept/collect the ready products/material within 30 calendar days from the set date for acceptance, a storage
fee of the Seller will apply in the amount of Euro 200/week. In case of delay to accept the products, the risk of accidental loss or
damage passes to the Buyer as of the date meant for delivery/handing over and stated in the invoice. The Seller shall store the
products/material outside/outdoor Seller’s warehouse and the Seller’s shall not be responsible for any claims that the
products/material may suffer due to weather conditions.
5.5. The Seller shall retain ownership over the products/material until full payment of the price and any other payments due in
connection to the order. Any possible loss or damage of the products/material as well as any possible claims of third parties toward
the Buyer doesn’t deliver him from its obligations for payment of the purchase price in full.

6.1. The Buyer has the right to carry out at his expense checking of quality and quantity of the delivered products/material in
accordance with the relevant standards and involve independent inspection companies. In this case inspection of the material shall
be only performed in the presence of the Seller’s representative authorized person.
6.2. If the controlled weighing of the material performed by an independent inspection company in the presence of Sellers’
representative determines that the difference in weight exceeds 0,5 % compared with the weight indicated on invoice, the Buyer
has the right to send an official claim to the Seller as per general sales conditions. In any event, the Buyer is not entitled to delay
the payment of any outstanding invoices.
6.3. The control of quality as well as taking and preparation of samples from the material shall be performed in accordance with the
methods of analyses and standards adopted in the country manufacturing the material.
6.4. In the event of shortage in weight/dimension, the Buyer shall have the right to make a claim to the Seller not later than 15
calendar days from the date of arrival of material at the destination.
6.5. In the event of revealing the non-conformity to the quality indicated in the Specification, the Buyer shall have the right to make
a claim to the Seller within 10 calendar days from the date of arrival of material as for the external (visible) defects, and not later
than 30 days from the date of arrival of material as for internal defects of metallurgical character.
6.6. Claims are to be presented in written form with attachment of all documents confirming the content of the claim.
6.7. In any event Buyer must fulfill its obligation of mitigation of damages is not entitled to delay the payment of any outstanding
invoices. If Goods are considered by seller as defective, then seller is exclusively obliged, at its sole discretion either to replace or
reimburse such goods or if the price has not already been paid by Buyer, to reduce such price or to cancel the said order. Seller
shall not be liable for any loss of processing expenses, loss of production, loss of revenue and/or any other consequential or special
loss or damage directly or indirectly sustained by Buyer or by any other person whatsoever. Seller can only be held liable for
damages caused by its gross negligence or willful misconduct duly proved by Buyer, and Seller’s liability will in any event be limited
to 100% of the invoice value of the defective or damaged goods.

7.1. All disputes which cannot be resolved by an agreement will be resolved by the competent Bulgarian court. The Bulgarian
legislation in force will be applicable.

8.1. If any Party hereto at any time during the contractual period is unable to fulfill any of its contractual obligations due to force
majeure, it shall immediately inform the other Party in writing on occurrence of such force majeure. The Party that issues such a
notification shall be free of its contract obligations during the force majeure.
8.2. Concepts, definitions and provisions from ICC Force Majeure Clause shall make a constituent part of general sales conditions.

9.1. Buyer guarantees and obliges that he has not given and will not give gift or commission and they did not have and will not have
any agreement to give to employee of seller any kind of money award connected with any Sales order or any other Contract with
9.2. If Buyer or any of his representative break above mentioned conditions, Seller has the right to terminate the sales order and
reimburse from the Buyer all losses resulting from the termination.
9.3. Both parties oblige to implement Europan AD anticorruption corporate policy.

10.1. The Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the performing of the antidumping norms, regulations and procedures on their
national market as well as on the markets of the subsequent sale of the material. The Buyer is obligated to prevent selling on
dumping prices, and pay in full the duties and other penalties
which are imposed on the material in accordance with the Antidumping Legislation of the importing country.
10.2. Any exclusions of these General sales conditions may be made only by consent of both Parties written in the respective
10.3. These General sales conditions are valid from 01.01.2020.