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Polyurethane sandwich panels

The thermal insulation panels with polyurethane filling of Europan AD are complex self-supporting structural elements. Sandwich panels are a convenient modern solution, applicable to all types of construction – from large industrial halls and warehouses to private construction sites such as sheds, garages and cladding of houses for thermal insulation. With the excellent insulating properties of polyurethane, these panels are suitable for the construction of refrigeration chambers and rooms with high requirements for thermal insulation and watertightness, as well as for rooms with controlled special temperatures and humidity.

Panels with stone/mineral wool filling

The stone wool panels of Europan AD are composite, self-supporting structural elements, specially designed for fire-resistant coatings or equipment. They have a high degree of thermal insulation, fire resistance and sound insulation and their fire resistance is certified by the fire services.

Panels with PIR insulation

After tests in cooperation with the largest chemical manufacturers, Europan AD developed an improved new series of fire-resistant polyurethane panels and managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Improved fire performance (reduced smoke emissions and flame spread rate) combined with the best thermal insulation capacity, higher mechanical strength and foam density, make this product the most reliable component of all polyurethane panels.
The chemicals used for the production of polyurethane panels meet the requirements of DIN 4102 and are PIR classified. The PIR (polyisocyanurate) foam structure in the PIRotherm series is classified in the highest category S2 (BS2D0) due to the minimal smoke emissions during combustion. Subclass S2 defines a panel with very low smoke emission. The subclassification d0 determines the absence of flaming droplets.

Molded sheet metal

The molded sheet metal manufactured by Europan AD is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation. It is suitable for roofs with a small slope and has a high drainage capacity with guaranteed watertightness and high mechanical strength.

Finishing elements and fasteners

After the installation of the panels, several special elements are needed both for sealing and for aesthetic finishing of the construction. In “Europan” JSC we can make and offer you a variety of metal profiles made of the same sheet metal from which your panels are made.

The assembly profiles made of sheet metal are different in shape and material of construction, details applicable in the finishing interior or facade activities in monolithic or other type of construction. These include gutters, snow retaining profiles, window sills and above windows, internal and external corner profiles, L-, U- and Z-shaped profiles.

The materials from which they are made are most often black, galvanized, PVC sheet (with zinc-aluminum and colored polyester coating), stainless steel. Each building has its own specific needs. Please contact our technical department to comment on the necessary elements for your construction.