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Полиуретанов сандвич панел EuroFrigo WPU

EuroFrigo WPU

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The EuroFRIGO WPU thermal insulation panels of EUROPAN S.A. are complex, self-supporting structural elements, specially designed for construction of refrigeration chambers and premises with high requirements for thermal insulation and water-tightness, and controlled special temperatures and humidity of the environment.

They are designed after in-depth research on both domestic and foreign markets and the collection of technical data and opinions from experts in the field of cooling chambers. EUROPAN S.A. has developed a new trapezoidal unit, a method eliminating the thermal bridge to the sheet metal and also excluding other inclusions with rigid polyurethane cores to larger metal nets.


Available in different

RAL 9002
RAL 9006
RAL 9007
RAL 1015
RAL 3013
RAL 3020
RAL 6016
RAL 5010
RAL 7015

Available with
different insulations


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